L1011 / N91011


Here is a brief history of our L1011 / N91011, currently located in Victorville, CA and being moved to the TriStar hangar in Kansas City.




September 1979 Ordered to Lockheed by TAP Air Portugal
16 March 1983 Delivered to TAP Air Portugal; registered CS-TEC; named “Gago Coutinho”
January 1990 Leased to TAAG Angola Airlines until June 1997; kept CS-TEC registration during leasing
October 1997 Sold to Finans Skandic and leased to Novair; re-registered SE-DVF
April 2000 Bought by Air Luxor; leased to Novair
June 2000 Leased to YES – Linhas Aéreas Charter; re-registered CS-TMR
3 June 2000 YES starts operations; first flight to Cancun
May 2002 Sub-leased to BWIA during a month, replacing a BWIA L1011 in heavy maintenance
May 2003 Returned to Air Luxor
January 2004 Transferred to LUZair; operating under Air Luxor’s AOC; blue tail and no titles
June 2004 Seen operating for DCA – Dutch Caribbean Airlines between Curaçao and Amsterdam
6 July 2004 Compressor stall in engine #1; sustained damage in a landing gear after high energy RTO
31 July 2004 Post repair, stall in same engine led to AOG condition; stored at AMS awaiting new engines
October 2006 Began reactivation works at AMS to put aircraft again in the air
January 2007 Three new engines fitted
20 July 2007 Ferry flight from AMS to LIS
18 August 2007 Ferried to VCV for C-check
October 2008 C-check complete
January 2014 TriStar History and Preservation Inc. acquires from Banco Espirito Santo in Lisbon, Portugal
January 2014 Maintenance work  begins for  ferry flight of aircraft from VCV to Kansas City International
January 2014 Re-registered by TriStar from CSTMR to N91011