Management Team - the people behind the scenes!

Our Management Team are private pilots and citizens with ties to aviation, working to make a positive impact.  All have benefited from air museums, air shows, and STEM-like programs.


Board of Directors

TriStar’s Teammates, Friends and Advisors:

  • Bob Andreotti, General Counsel
  • Barry Ballenger, Director of Maintenance
  • Cliff Hall, Program Manager
  • Joe Shost, Operations Manager KCI Hangar
  • John Goode, Simulator Expert
  • Kevin Wahaus, Communications
  • Phil Liming, Educational Programs
  • Steve Coker, TLE Program
  • Steve Whitlock, Risk Assessment Advisor (with his team from AirSure)
  • Todd Bellehumeur, Corporate Relationships
  • Ward Abbs, Chief Pilot (BAC1-11)
  • University of Central Missouri, Aviation Department