How it all began!

TriStar’s founders realized there were beautiful, serviceable aircraft that were being scrapped because they’d outlived their useful commercial lives.  This was occurring at a time when due to increased airline security, children can no longer have the experiences many of us did as kids, meeting the pilots, seeing the cockpit and earning our first set of wings.  These experiences and others help inspire us to imagine what our lives could be like as pilots, astronauts, or other professional roles models and then to explore the related academic curricula and careers.

Aircraft being lost were some of the most impactful in commercial aviation and as well as the lives of passengers.  TriStar has been inundated with stories about passengers recalling their first flight, many of which on an L1011.  They recall the unique and powerful sound of the L1011’s Rolls Royce engines.  TriStar was created to save and preserve these jet aircraft in flying condition, while using them to inspire young scholars with hands-on experiential learning opportunities as many of us had as children.

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