TriStar's Mission, Vision, & Values

TriStar’s Mission:


“Inspiring greater achievement through higher altitude”, TriStar uses flyable aircraft in educational and experiential programs to inspire students into STEM fields and aerospace related careers.  TriStar also supports other communities needing operational jet aircraft.  STEM and is short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  STEAM is also sometimes used to describe these educational programs expanding STEM by adding the “A” for “Arts” or “Aerospace”.  TriStar’s ultimate success is helping kids explore and achieve more than they thought possible.

TriStar’s Vision:

To be the on-call aviation education and experiential resource able to take the mission into the air through flyable aircraft.

TriStar’s Values:

  • Business-minded, purpose-driven management
  • Transparent business and financial operation
  • Proactive communication & relationship management
  • Good stewardship of donations and gifts
  • Community-based, accretive partnerships driven by shared success

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