Wings Of Pride

Our Wings of Pride Program uses passenger-carrying aircraft for STEM programs and in support of other charitable missions.  Our aircraft fly to locations, pick up students or other passengers, and take them on program-related flights.

Right now, we have one aircraft for our Wings of Pride mission: BAC 1-11/N999BW.slider

This aircraft is available for the following charitable flights:

  • STEM programs
  • War Veteran Honor Flights
  • Domestic Air Museums & Air Shows

Here is an example STEM-related program:

  • Welcome students at airport. Provide orientation and watch the aircraft fly in, land, taxi and park
  • Tour outside and inside of the standing aircraft
  • Discuss aviation and principals of flight (e.g. lift/wings, thrust/engines, navigation, control, etc.)
  • Introduce Pilot and crew
  • Discuss their careers, training, mapping back to the STEM disciplines
  • Conduct a round-trip flight with maneuvers and touch and goes
  • Land and conduct a Q&A in cabin, discussing the flight
  • Exit plane and visit nearby flight simulator. Discuss pilot training, simulator design, manufacture and operations (thus appealing even more to the video game generation)
  • Connect everything back to careers, school and STEM topics

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